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Dear family in Christ,

I’ve heard that Luther once said, “I have so much to do today, I need to spend extra
time in prayer.” I do believe it. What he was saying is that all living is
given by God. God is the source of the best there is to have in life and
serving Him -living for Him, creates the best life has to offer! To do our best
we need to be close with Him.

Unfortunately, for many (especially our family, friends, and neighbors) as life becomes busier
and busier, prayer time is the first activity let go. Then soon follows Bible
study, Christian fellowship and ultimately even worship is sacrificed. Church
and spiritual wellness are being put on hold until they can “get to them.”

People can get so jaded that they will even say, “it’s my only day to sleep
in!” Nourishing the soul and finding rest in God is forgotten because the world
has bound them up. The needs of daily activity overpower faith until people
become indifferent to our Lord and Savior. All of us are susceptible; many of
us fall victim.

Please reflect for a moment. We, by the grace of God, will get back into prayer; we
will begin again listening to His Word as a part of His Church. My hope is that
you will be a dynamic influence in the lives of your family, friends, and
neighbors. This fall, King of Glory will offer training in a program titled
“Everyone His Witness”. We will learn how to more naturally share the Good News
of Jesus Christ through relational, contextual witnessing. It means we will
listen to those we care about significantly and those who may be unsure about
Christianity. It means asking questions that aren’t accusatory. It means
sharing what you know about Jesus. Please there’s no bashing, no
judgment, and no forced imposition of beliefs. Instead, there’s
understanding, communication, and honesty between people who care for one
I will be sharing this information in worship, in Bible Study, and in special
classes. I am praying that Jesus will stimulate you to participate
enthusiastically. I am praying that we will each become more useful within the
Kingdom of God. Please consider your spiritual health as the highest priority
in your life. This is truly how we get through the rest of life.

God loves you and so do I!

Pastor Paul